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When it comes to selling your broken van, trust is paramount. At Webuybrokenvans.co.uk, we pride ourselves on our fair valuations, prompt service, and customer satisfaction. Our mission is simple: to make the process of selling your van as smooth and rewarding as possible. Whether your van is barely running or completely immobilized, we'll buy it. Don't let your broken van gather dust – turn it into cash today with Webuybrokenvans.co.uk.

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Questions about common van faults?

No matter who manufactures your van, or how long you’ve had it, common van faults do appear. We’ve compiled a list of common van faults below, but you may find more with your vehicle.

If your van is making a strange noise, or it’s not running as you expect, there might be a fault. We recommend regular maintenance and services to keep your van in good condition. However, if it’s becoming costly, and you’re not sure if we’d buy your broken van, contact our team and we’ll happily find out more and advise you on what we can do.

icon differentials

Differential Problem

A van with a faulty differential just can’t be safely driven. In older van models particularly, the repair/scrap equation tends to lean to scrap.
icon dpf

DPF Problem

One of the problems with DPF’s is that the problem seems fixed but then re-occurs, which is irritating to be back at position square one.
icon ecu fault

ECU Fault

We Buy Broken Vans regularly buy vans with ECU issues – it’s “bread and butter” business for us.
engine management light

Engine Management Problem

We will buy your van at a fair price even if there is an engine management light showing.
icon fuel injector

Fuel Injector Problem

The main issues affecting fuel injectors involve them becoming blocked and with deposit build-ups.
icon fuel pump

Fuel Pump Problem

You may decide you want to repair your van with a broken fuel pump, but if it all seems like too much hassle we are here to help.

Gearbox Failure

There are many reasons for gearbox failure, but you can always speak to us for a cost-effective solution to buy your broken van.
icon low oil pressure

Low Oil Pressure

We are happy to buy vans with declared oil pressure faults and do so on a regular basis.
icon timing chain

Timing Chain Problem

We can save you the headache of paying for expensive timing chain replacement and associated costs.
icon turbo engine probs

Turbo Engine Problem

Many manufacturers have cars with this type of engine because of the increased mileage coupled with great performance.
icon wiring loom

Wiring Loom Problem

With an unknown diagnostic bill and repair costs, many owners turn to a business like ours to sell a van complete with its wiring loom faults.

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