Van Faults

Common faults and problems with a wide range of vans.

Learn more about Fuel Pump Issues

Fuel Pump Problem

Fuel Pump Problem: The fuel pump injects precise fuel amounts into cylinders. The fuel filter prevents sediment from entering. It’s a simple but crucial.

Learn more about problems with Differentials

Differential Problem

Differential Problem: Often Overlooked Until It Fails! Learn about the importance of your vehicle’s differential and what to do when it fails.

Learn more about DPF Problems

DPF Problem

One of the problems with DPF’s is that the problem seems fixed but then re-occurs, which is irritating to be back at position square one.

Learn more about Gear Box problems

Gearbox Failure

Gearbox failure can occur for many reasons, but the most common relate to lubrication issues. Failures often arise from insufficient gear oil and contamination.

Learn more about Low Oil Pressure issues

Low Oil Pressure

Low Oil Pressure: Most drivers will be aware of the oil pressure warning light, this is a warning to drivers of lost oil pressure and that it is dangerous.

Learn more about Wiring Loom problems.

Wiring Loom Problem

A wiring loom, or wiring harness, is a bundle of color-coded, insulated electrical wires bound together to create a cohesive electrical system.

Learn more about Timing Chain problems

Timing Chain Problem

Timing Chain Problem: A timing chain is crucial for synchronizing the camshaft and crankshaft. When it fails, the van will suddenly stop working.

Learn more about ECU Faults

ECU Fault

An ECU fault can occur in vans, and unfortunately, some are shipped with existing or potential ECU issues. These faults, though costly to fix.

Learn more about Turbo Engine problems

Turbo Engine Problem

Turbo Engine Problem: The Turbo is a type of engine, which is increasingly popular with van manufacturers due in particular to the power they can generate.

Engine Management Problem

The Engine Management Problem is common among van owners. The amber warning light indicates a potential fault, alerting the driver through the ECU.