Van Faults

Fuel Pump Problem

Fuel Pump Problem: The fuel pump gives its use away by its name! The fuel pump’s role is to inject a precise amount of fuel into individual cylinders. The fuel filter should prevent sediment from penetrating inside the fuel pump. The fuel pump performs a simple but very important role in the operation of any van.

Differential Problem

Differential Problem: The differential is one of those parts, which you don’t ever really notice or pay any attention to until it fails!

DPF Problem

DPFs have been fitted to diesel vans in the past twenty years to help with the fight against emissions from diesel vans. Their role is to both capture and stores exhaust soot, which periodically will need to be burned off (basically emptied) through a regeneration process (often called a “regen”).

Gearbox Failure

There are many reasons for gearbox failure, but amongst the most common reasons relate to lubrication which causes issues with gears and bearings. Gearbox failures arise where gear oil is either insufficient, is contaminated or the wrong lubricant was used.

Low Oil Pressure

Low Oil Pressure: Most drivers will be aware of the oil pressure warning light, this is a warning to drivers of lost oil pressure and that it is dangerous to continue driving.

Wiring Loom Problem

Wiring Loom Problem: A wiring loom (also sometimes called a wiring harness) is a system of colour-coded electrical insulated conducting wires, which are bound together to form what is called a “wiring loom”.

Timing Chain Problem

Timing Chain Problem: A timing chain is an essential mechanical component, you will know when this fails as the van suddenly won’t work! The timing chain synchronises the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft together. This rotation ensures that the engine valves open and close at exactly the times required.

ECU Fault

An ECU fault can arise on vans. It’s a shame to say but some vans are actually shipped by the manufacturer with an ECU fault or ones which are likely to develop over time. Whilst quite costly to fix, an ECU fault are irritating and can be very dangerous to drive with.

Turbo Engine Problem

Turbo Engine Problem: The Turbo is a type of engine, which is increasingly popular due in particular to the power they can generate. Many manufacturers have cars with this type of engine.

Engine Management Problem

The Engine Management Problem is one most van owners will have seen, the amber warning light, showing there is a potential engine management fault, which the ECU is making the driver aware of. The light displays when a variety of engine management faults arise, we discuss some of these in the section below.