Common Issues with a Ford Transit Custom

Transit Custom TurboCommon Issues with a Ford Transit Custom: Ah, the Ford Transit Custom, Britain’s motoring middle child. Stuck somewhere between the ubiquitous white van and its larger sibling, the full-size Transit, this van straddles the line between being incredibly useful and occasionally frustrating. It’s like a trusty hammer that occasionally hits your thumb instead of the nail. And today, we’re here to talk about those thumbs, or rather, the common faults of the Transit Custom that can make owners wince.

Let’s kick off with the Engine Issues. The Transit Custom, while generally reliable, has had its fair share of engine-related dramas. Particularly notorious are the EcoBlue diesels which, while marvels of modern engineering with their efficiency and torque, have been known to suffer from turbos that are about as robust as a chocolate teapot. Owners have reported failures that leave them more powerless than a backbencher in a Brexit debate.

Next up, we have the Electrical Eccentricities. The Transit Custom can sometimes seem like it was wired by a committee of confused octopuses. Issues range from flickering lights to batteries with less life expectancy than a mayfly. This van can leave you wondering whether it’s trying to communicate via Morse code or just having a bit of a moment.

And then there’s the Transmission Trauma. Some owners of the automatic models have experienced a gearbox with less decision-making ability than a procrastinator at a buffet. Gear changes can be as smooth as a ride on a gravel road, with reports of the transmission hesitating or shuddering as though it’s performing a solo dance routine. It’s not always clear if the van is trying to shift gears or just shuffle awkwardly on the spot.

Not to be overlooked are the Suspension Squeaks and Rattles. Driving a Transit Custom over a rough road can sometimes sound like you’re transporting a cage of angry squirrels. These vans can develop an orchestra of noises that might make you think you’ve accidentally picked up a ghost hitchhiker who’s particularly fond of percussion.

Water ingress is another soggy saga. Some models of the Transit Custom could seemingly double as a mobile aquarium, with mysterious water leaks that appear without invitation. This not only dampens spirits but can also turn the cabin into a lukewarm spa, and not in a good way.

Despite these quirks, the Ford Transit Custom remains a titan on British roads. It’s loved for its size, which is perfect for navigating narrow lanes without feeling like you’re piloting a small aircraft carrier. It’s also got a load space that can swallow cargo like a black hole, and it handles like something half its size, which is to say, surprisingly well.

The relationship with a Transit Custom is like a marriage—there’s plenty of love, a bit of bickering, and the occasional expensive therapy session (with your mechanic). It’s a vehicle that asks not what you can do for it, but what you can do for each other. With a bit of care and regular check-ups, most of its faults can be managed, leaving you with a van that’s as reliable as it is useful.

So, if you’re considering joining the ranks of Transit Custom drivers, go in with your eyes open and maybe a small toolbox. It’s a brilliant van that can be both a workplace and a warrior, even if it does occasionally throw a tantrum. In the end, it’s like having a dog that sometimes chews your shoes—you can’t help but love it anyway, and life without it would be a lot less interesting.


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