Thinking it’s time to sell your van? Mechanical problems hurting your pocket?

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Thinking it’s time to sell your van? Mechanical problems hurting your pocket? We’ve all been there – your van’s in the garage again, and your faced with yet another hefty bill. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? We’re here to tell you there’s a better way. Instead of pouring more money into a broken van, why not sell it to us at ‘We Buy Broken Vans’? We’ll take the hassle off your hands, put cash in your pocket, and give your old van a new lease on life. Sounds good? Let’s dive in.

How to Top Up Your Van with AdBlue


On today’s episode, Pistol Pete from Webuybrokenvans shows you how and where to top up your AdBlue! He shows you where to find your filling cap and also how to check when your next top up will be due! The vehicle we are demonstrating on is a 2019 Ford Transit Custom.

We Buy Any Van in Any Condition


There are many reasons to sell your van to us, an easy 3-step valuation, a fair offer, free collection and instant payment. Oh, and we have a great sense of humour

Knowing Your Van Types: Choosing A Van, Cherry Picker, Or Chassis?

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When you think of a van, the most obvious image is of a larger, almost box-like vehicle that is used for transporting goods and equipment from one place to another. There are lots of types of vans, all coming in different shapes and sizes to suit all kinds of different needs and situations, from smaller vehicles that aren’t dissimilar from larger cars right through to box vans that can handle much larger loads

Motorhomes, Campers Or Van Conversions? What Do You Need For A Great Road Trip?

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Road trips and adventures create some of the best memories we will ever have. This kind of trip isn’t just about the destination, but what’s discovered along the way. This can be gorgeous scenery, unknown gems, striking conversation, and so much more. That’s why the vehicle you choose for the trip matters, and there’s plenty of choice to accommodate any budget and desire you have.

Can The Right Tyres Help With Your Van’s Fuel Consumption?


With rising costs in every part of our lives, it’s never been more important to make every penny stretch as far as possible – and vans are no exception. There are steps we can take in all aspects of our lives to make savings, but some are easier than others. The same is true with our vans, and because we use them regularly, they can leave their mark on our finances. One of the ways to help with this burden is with the right van tyres.

Small Vans Perfect For Navigating City Streets

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There will come a time when you find that a car just doesn’t cut it anymore. It might be a one-off occasion, such as moving house or transporting a large piece of furniture for the home or some equipment for work, but it could also be the beginning of a brand new stage of your life and career – and a small van is the perfect step to take